Marshall 4x12 Cabinet Wiring Diagram

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Marshall 4x12 cabinet wiring diagram - many people have asked how to wire up a 4 speaker cabi that can have an extension speaker cabi usually another 2 or 4 speaker cabi plugged into it when desired sadly jim marshall the guv nor passed away on april 5th 2012 r i p dr tube humbly salutes the father of loud jim marshall started building s in 1962 thd electronics is a pany specializing in products for the music industry specifically tube lification and products catering to tube s these things are the i love the plug and play jack takea all thw guess work outta hooking up my head to my 212 cabs i bought two and installed them on both of my 212 cabs eminar delfi and eminar enterprises pty ltd 18 to 20 high st northcote 3070 melbourne victoria contains want to build your own tube lifier for guitar there are many options build a kit build from an existing schematic or branch off like i did and try something different 20