Dcc Tortoise Switch Machine Wiring Diagram

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Dcc tortoise switch machine wiring diagram - turnout control for information on wiring turnouts go to the section on wiring turnouts for introduction to turnout control options go to dcc for beginners wiring for dcc by allan gartner track wiring for digital mand control part ii there is a follow up to this post that describes further refinements made to the tortoise control view it here while i cut the final pieces of sub roadbed i am thinking about this web site wel e to a page of electronic circuits that are mostly for model railroads shown are circuits that were developed to solve certain problems or achieve a desired control function stationary decoder for use with 4 slow motion solenoid or bi polar turnout machines kb914 ms100 serial puter interface with usb ports the ms100 loco interface is a serial device that connects loco to a puter via a 25pin serial port this application note shows how you can use your digitrax ms100 puter.

interface with the usb port on your puter the pr3 lets soundfx users download new project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder s firmware for latest updates it also acts as a puter interface and loco translator for your pc